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Wild Eyes

“Wild Eyes” took me a long time to write.  The idea started, as many do, from a girl I was dating.  She used to look up at me with this different look in her eyes when it was just us.  It was inquisitive, but eager…unlike anything I’d honestly ever seen.  It’s funny how the subtle things in life can speak volumes at times.  I always wanted to write a song about that look and those eyes.  I channeled that into a concept.  

There are a myriad of women out there who literally sacrificed their “fun/ wild years” because they had children at a young age.  They missed out on the crazy young-adult times because they did the right thing and put their children first.   I believe children should always come first, but it’s not always transparent or easy when we have kids at early ages.   Someone needs to take care of them, but there is an untamed wildness that remains.  “Wild Eyes”  is an homage to those women who did the right thing and put their kids first."

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Scott Bartlett

* Lead Guitarist- Saving Abel

* Owner/Creator- The SB Creations

* Independent Artist

* Co-Owner- Young Avenue Sound (Memphis)

Photo by: Chris Pamatian


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Scott Bartlett is best known as the lead guitarist for Southern Rock group Saving Abel (“Addicted”, “18 Days”) but has been creating music under his own brand for years as well. Throughout his career as a touring artist, he has had opportunities to partner with well-known brands like Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Bogner Amps, and Buckle. After mentioning those, he requested that “and Jägermeister for the party enthusiasts out there!” be added into that mix. Bartlett excitedly mentions his recent purchase of Young Avenue Sound, a first of its kind recording studio in Memphis. When renovations are complete, the location will not only feature a state-of-the-art recording studio, but also nine  Airbnb's on site. He has also grown and diversified his personal brand by creating and independently promoting his own custom clothing line under the umbrella of The SB Creations. Bartlett’s original music has been described as “decidedly southern rock” influenced heavily by his favorite group, The Allman Brothers Band. He says, “I’m a singer-songwriter that writes from experience, but to me it can all be categorized as rock n’ roll. That’s because of the way I play guitar.” In 2014 he released his first EP as a solo artist followed by multiple independent releases as well as several tracks as part of a duo dubbed, “Mad Souls.” His current single, “Sweeter Than Whiskey”, was released in March is quickly proving to be a fan favorite.


Behind the Music

Sweeter Than Whiskey

"Sweeter Than Whisky" is a song about missing that special woman in your life. For me, it's when I am out on the road. Sometimes it feels like you’re literally counting down the days until you get to see her again. Distance can be extremely difficult on a relationship, and sometimes can destroy the love you have for each other.  This song was written a few years ago for a special girl in my life  as a Christmas gift to let her know I thought about her every night after our gig. The title was inspired by one of our favorite drinks to share together, Jack Daniels.  Like the relationship described in the song, we did not last.

This Old Heart of Mine


"This Old Heart of Mine" hits home for me because I went through heart failure a few years back. Doctors told me I might not make it and the song’s inception came from wanting to leave my fans with something to remember me by. I ended up in and out of hospitals and saw a lot of heart-sick children. The song is now the cornerstone of my pediatric heart foundation “Rock & Roll for Hearts”.   It is meant be a message of hope for sick children. I hope when you listen to t he song it hits home for you too. No matter the battle, keep fighting. 



The SB Creations Collection

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